Ear Exam


We have a custom made booths for testing children and adults. The booths include the latest high end clinical equipment to ensure we meet the highest standard of medical diagnostic testing. We can test the hearing of all ages:

  • Adult Hearing Assessment: The assessment of adult's hearing usually includes pure tone audiometry in our custom made adult booth, impedance audiometry, and speech discrimination testing.

  • Paediatric Hearing Assessment: We use Otoacoustic Emission testing for children under 6 months old, Visually Reinforced Orientation Audiometry (VROA) for children from six months to three years of age, Play Pure Tone Audiometry for children over three years old, impedance audiometry for children of all ages. We have a custom made booth to test children.

Hearing Check-Up


We have installed equipment and room adaptations to enable us to use evidence based rehabilitative methods to achieve the best rehabilitative outcomes possible. We fit all hearing aids brands and are proudly independent of any manufacturer and our audiologists are not tied to any commission model nor required to meet targets as we feel remaining independent is important to achieve the best patient care and rehabilitative outcomes. We also fit other hearing devices, including Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, and Assistive Listening Device. 
We are an accredited provider for the Office of Hearing Services for testing and fitting pensioners and veterans under the Commonwealth Voucher Scheme.

Hearing Aid


We have specialised equipment to enable us to perform pre-employment audiograms, for example for people in the police and air force including speech testing facilities for members who wear hearing aids and need workforce audiograms. We are also an accredited provider for Work Cover Australia for testing, fitting of hearing devices and rehabilitative care.

Hearing Check-Up


We make and fit custom made earplugs for various purposes including:

  • water protection

  • musician use

  • noise protection

  • communication ear pieces 

  • sleeping.

We all fit of the shelf ear plugs for water protection, namely DOCS ProPlugs and Surfers' ear plugs. We also provide accessories such as ​Little grommets earbands.